Established in Singapore since 2002 representing Sun Water Systems Inc for the Aquasana Home Water Filtration products.

Delivery Door to Door Within 24 hours; with no worry of lost of delivery and waiting for courier man.

60 Day Money Back Guarantee*: Immediate refund with little hassle.

Spares and After Sales Service: Immediate delivery and free telephone support.

H2oFresh™'s mission is to provide every household and individual with effective, affordable and best value-for-money home water filtration system.

We pride ourselves in providing excellent values and customer service and welcome every comment, suggestion or feedback from our customers. Enquiry: tel: +65 6345 3537

Today, H2oFresh™ brings you American's No.1 rated Home Water Filtration System – 'Aquasana', a Latin word for "Water To Heal".

Aquasana products are manufactured by Sun Water Systems, Inc.; with over 18 years in the industry, 17 patents and sold over 7 million products. This invaluable background brings you the absolute best value and proven products at the forefront today you can ever find in the market.

Our Health is our most priceless possession and water quality is essential for good health. We can live better…

H2oFresh™ is your partner for Healthy Living, Today and Tomorrow…


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